Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating is more than just ...

... speeding around the rink at up to 50 km/hr, jostling for position to beat the other racers into the next bend, and surging to the finish line ...

... it is also ...

... skating with grace and power, finely balanced on the long thin blade, enjoying the relaxed state of mind as you glide easily and purposefully.

The Olympic Southern Flyers is Melbourne’s Short Track Speed Skating club. A friendly and inclusive club, you are welcome whether you want to make the Australian Olympic team or just want to enjoy skating.

Short Track Speed Skating provides great fitness benefits and is also marvelous cross-training for other sports, such as cycling, in-line speed skating and ice hockey.

We welcome enquiries and encourage non-skaters and skaters of all abilities to come and give Short Track a try.

The Olympic Southern Flyers training is held on Sundays at 07.45am until 08.45am.

So come on down and bring your bike helmet, warm long sleeved clothes, gloves, and knee pads and shin guards if you have some and join in the fun.

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